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Manchanda Law Offices PLLC works in several areas of the law including Matrimonial and Family Law. The world is full of families and family-related legal problems; you need competent lawyers who understand Family Law. Whether you have a problem with divorce, marital property, child custody, orders of protection, pre-nuptial agreements, cohabitation and more, Manchanda Law Offices PLLC is in a position to help. The lawyers have experience in both Family Court and in the Supreme Court for the five boroughs of New York City. It’s an area where a law firm that is good can receive a lot of clients. Let the attorneys of Manchanda Law work with you to come to a satisfactory conclusion on your case. To get started, call the offices for a free consultation. They can quickly decide if the case you want to pursue is a case worth pursuing. If so, a formalized consultation will follow.

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Those seeking a visa from United States immigration officials require a thorough understanding of the immigration process, which can be even more difficult when barriers of language or culture are introduced. The matter can become even more complicated if a visa is needed.

The attorneys at Rahul Manchanda Law Offices see the information that will motivate immigrations offices. Called “preference” under immigration policies, certain items may allow an application for a visa to be advanced at a faster pace than others.

An attorney at Rahul Manchanda Law Offices will review each case, including personal histories and work experiences to see if anything can establish preference for a client. Those with family all ready in the United States, special skills or training, even an intention for a large investment in a business are all considered preference candidates.

The staff at Rahul Manchanda Law Offices is fully-aware of all the preferences that may help an immigration process move forward very quickly.

Quick, simple, and hassle-free – that is how most wish the process of immigration would turn out. However, that is often not the case. Immigration can be incredibly complex and extremely problematic due to its constantly changing rules and regulations. It has become such a challenge that most immigrants would likely need the help an attorney just to avoid complications that may lead to their deportation or their arrest.

The legal professionals of Rahul Manchanda Law Offices, PLLC can not only help immigrants avoid the obstacles and pitfalls to securing their green cards and visas, they can make the entire process of immigration seem almost effortless. Their combined knowledge and experience in immigration and international law allows them to sidestep most problems and get things done in a highly efficient manner. Availing of the services of the attorneys of Rahul Manchanda Law Offices is surely one of the fastest and easiest ways to go through the immigration process.

With years of experience in both American and international law, Rahul Manchanda has the kind of professional experience that matters. He is a highly trained professional who also places a strong emphasis on caring and compassionate service to his clients.

Rahul Manchanda has a focus which proves his concern for people and their rights – he handles cases dealing with immigration law, civil litigation, international laws, work-related litigation and discrimination cases. He is also recognized as one of the top attorneys in asbestos litigation in New York.

Rahul Manchanda is an active member of the New York State Bar Association Empire State Counsel Program, which provides legal counsel to those who cannot afford to pay. Additionally, with his comprehensive understanding of numerous aspects of the law he can offer insightful support and strong legal counsel to anyone seeking an experienced attorney.

Not all visas are for full-time residency in the United States, but the process of receiving such a visa from immigration officials is no less complicated. Those seeking student visas should have a consultation with Rahul Manchanda Law Offices PLLC as they can assist a student to navigate the lengthy and complex process of documentation and verification that all non-immigrant visa applicants must complete.

Rahul Manchanda Law Offices PLLC in New York specializes in all varieties of immigration law, and they are able to assist with everything from the simplest to the most highly complicated immigration and visa processes. For example, a school or university may offer potential students some guidelines or a few resources for student visas and immigration, but consulting one of the attorneys at Rahul Manchanda Law Offices PLLC guarantees a complete understanding of what to expect in the process of gaining a student visa in the United States.

The most complex immigration and civil rights cases require the assistance of an experienced and capable legal team to see those cases through to success. Rahul Manchanda Law Offices PLLC is staffed by a team of dedicated professionals whose concern for their clients and experience dealing with the most complex intricacies of the law enable them to provide a quality of service unmatched in their field. Rahul Manchanda Law Offices PLLC has multi-lingual lawyers on staff, breaking down the most common barrier to those who are seeking effective, compassionate legal council during one of the most important parts of their lives, when they seek citizenship or to resolve legal issues stemming from the immigration laws or courts. The lawyers take each of their cases personally, their professionalism tempered by their compassion, understanding and sincere desire to help all of their clients though the difficulties of cases involving immigration law.

Not all immigration lawyers are the same. It takes years of experience and an in-depth knowledge of immigration law to make sure that your case gets resolved in the manner most beneficial to you. Rahul Manchanda is an expert in immigration, international and civil rights law. In fact, he teaches the subject of immigration law at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice at the City University of New York. If you’re dealing with the complexities of immigration law, Rahul Manchanda has a track record and level of experience that ensures that his clients receive the best legal counsel. His experience with civil rights law means that, if your civil rights have been violated in the course of your immigration, he will be there to defend them with the same tireless spirit on which he’s built his reputation. His expertise is known world-wide and his offices are staffed with multi-lingual lawyers and support staff.

The Esteemed Rahul Manchanda Law Offices

The best lawyers rely on their in-depth understanding of the law and also staff their offices with experienced professionals who help their clients understand the workings of their case act as a support system, ensuring all the relevant paperwork is filed correctly and on-time. The staff at Rahul Manchanda Law Offices is dedicated to making sure their client’s needs are met, their questions answered and their success assured. A legal team such as the one at Rahul Manchanda Law Offices is no common thing. They stand out above the rest, whether they be supporting cases involving immigration, civil rights or even helping clients who have been the victims of unfair retribution by large corporations. When dealing with the law, which can be an intimidating affair, there are few comforts as great as knowing your legal defense is comprised of experienced, capable professionals who work together in your best interest.

Skilled Attorney Rahul Manchanda

Navigating immigration law requires years of experience and an innate understanding of domestic and international law. If you find yourself in a position where the laws surrounding immigration have become too much for you to handle, Rahul Manchanda can help. With years of experience dealing with the intricacies of visas, attaining citizenship and all the related legal issues, he is uniquely qualified to help anyone who needs a lawyer on their side. Immigration law depends on so many factors, having the right paperwork filled out and sent to the right recipients, having the correct documentation when it’s called for and understanding the workings of immigration courts, that an attorney that specializes in this complex legal world is a practical necessity. Don’t give up on your dreams simply because you’re intimidated by the twists and the turns on the road to them; get an experienced lawyer such as Rahul Manchanda in your corner.

Experts at the Rahul Manchanda Law Offices

With immigration at the forefront of American political and legal issues, only the most professional immigration attorneys such as those at the Rahul Manchanda Law Offices have the expertise and skill to handle the complicated and emotional matters that immigration presents. If you are embroiled in the middle of this tricky issue as a Visa applicant, you know that the wait is long and fraught with obstacles and hurdles with which you need help in overcoming. The last thing you need is delays because of Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) glitches or mistakes that you make on paperwork or applications. To avoid making mistakes in this lengthy and complicated application process and/or to make sure that you have an expert to deal with the INS if needed, you need Rahul Manchanda Law Offices to help you through the process.